Indoor Lighting

When you are ready to update the lighting system in your home or building, you will find several different styles and types of lights in this big market. But what makes you make beautiful statements about your new lighting system is a high quality brand with such a great technology of our COB LED lighting systems.
Whether your indoor lights are placed in a lobby, hallway, bedroom, setting area or over the dining room table, Indoor wall lights, flush mount lights and semi-flush mount lights are available in an infinite number of color and style options to complement your traditional, historic, modern or contemporary styles.
Make sure you state your lighting beautifully when you install them. We guarantee you this after installing our ValueBright lights.

In ValueBright we offer a wide range of novelty lighting that anyone will enjoy, including the kids and executives.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in the safety and security of our streets and public places. Today outdoor lighting has to be smarter to comply with new legislation, environmental challenges and requirements to reduce costs & energy usage. This is where the latest outdoor, roadway and street lighting solutions from ValueBright come into play.

Light up your life with the latest outdoor lighting technology, whether you’re looking to brighten a path within a landscape, keep your family safe with flood and security lights, or add ambiance & decorative touches to your house, building or tower with patio strip lights or outdoor commercial lights categories, ValueBright has everything you need for your lighting project. Increase your home›s curbside appeal with a lamp post, or light the way and save energy with our decorative COB LED technology. Whatever your lighting goal is, ValueBright has the styles and selections to light up your nights.

Landscape lighting & Designs

With free shipping and free returns on all landscape lighting, that’s just one more reason to add decorative landscape lights to your yard, garden and outdoor patio areas. Fixtures such as path lights and garden spot lights can improve safety outside your home after dark and help transform your property into an outdoor decorative living space when done right. In ValueBright, we do it really right.

Whether it’s a wide reaching landscape flood light or attractive energy efficient LED path lights, new outdoor landscape lighting can be one of the best investments for your home or building enhancing curb appeal and leading to long-term cost savings.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting

In ValueBright we’ve revolutionized the lighting industry with high-quality, energy-efficient COB (Chip On Board) LED lighting technology.
From retail and hospitality to commercial and industrial, ValueBright COB LED lighting is saving energy and creating beautifully-lit spaces around our clients projects.

For proper illumination in extreme conditions, like hazardous locations, corrosive elements, combustible dusts, flammable gases and vapors areas, you need a lighting brand with a company that pushes safety to the extreme. ValueBright has expanded the boundaries of such a technology, efficiency and performance to ensure your lights stays on safely and effectively, because failure is not an option in here…